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minigun at work

This Shows the 7.62 mm minigun at work.


A picture of the miniguns in the aircraft.

The C-47 Skytrain or Gooney Bird is the military version of the DC-3 airliner, which first flew in 1935. More than 10,000 DC-3 type airplanes have been manufactured. The Gooney Bird was the backbone of troop-carrier commands in all theaters of operations during World War II, and it was used extensively in Korea.
Seeing its third war, in Vietnam, the C-47 was used for intratheater airlift by the Air Forces of the United States and South Vietnam. A modified version was employed for psychological warfare, including leaflet drops and loudspeaker broadcasts.
In November 1965, a new model was interduced in Vietnam. The venerable Gooney Bird became a tactical attack aircraft, the AC-47 Dragonship. Christened originally as "Puff the Magic Dragon," the AC-47 had three 7.62 milimeter mini-guns jutting from two windows and cargo door. The 6,000 rounds-a-minute mini-guns were fired by the pilot, who aimed through a side window sight while turning the aircraft in a steep, left bank.
The Dragonship was used primarily for night airborne alert, dropping flares and providing firepower for outposts or friendly troops under attack by insurgent forces.

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