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Welcome to the Veteran's Not Forgotten WebRing Site. We are dedicated to bringing home our POW/MIA heroes from all wars. Every Website in this ring will represent the voice of the people. Come and Join the ranks and lets stand up and

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"A Man is not dead until he is forgotten!"

Tell Gunny You care too. To Learn More about How You can Adopt One of Our Missing Brothers Click On The Above Ribbon.
You Too can Make a differance.

Below you will find some Special Pages

The Constitution Of The United States!
The Code of Conduct

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The Following Links are Men That I have read about in The Book "Survivors". They have Paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Welcome Home Guys!

Warrant Officer Frank Anton.
COL. Ted "Hawk" Guy.

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Special Letter:


  • Write your Government Officials. Lets find out what they are doing to bring home our Missing Veterans.
    persident of the USThe President & Vice President
     US congressMembers of The U.S. House of Representatives
    US senateMembers of The United States Senate

    This Site Honors the "International Hall of Honor"


    Thanks to Ron Fleischer.

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    You can make a difference too!

    "All Biographical and loss information on POWs provided by Operation Just Cause have been supplied by Chuck and Mary Schantag of POWNET. Please check with POWNET regularly for updates."

    "The music in the back ground is "Passage". Thank you Frank DiGiovannangelo for your contribution to all our lost brothers and sisters. AWE Music

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